Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tomato - basil soup

For warm spring/summer days nothing as refreshing as a tomato soup. When it is hot, no one likes to stand by the stove a long time, so that's why I'm posting this quick recipe!

You only need:
about 400 g tomato juice
1 small onion
1 clove of garlic
salt / pepper
1 chopped carrot

pinch of sugar

if necessary: semolina

In a saucepan put the tomatoes, onion, and chopped carrots. Let it cook, when the soup thickens, add a little water. If it gets too thin - add a teaspoon of semolina. Towards the end remove vegetables, add salt/pepper/basil, sugar and dumplings.
To make dumplings in a little water add  flour and form
small beads with a spoon .
Boiled seasoned with sour cream.

I didn't have fresh basil, because my little veggie is still growin' :) 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Honey potato

No, there is no honey...and no it's not really a recipe :) But it's perfect, simple baked young potato...sweet and tasty, melt in your mouth

When I was on marketplace I couldn't resist  to buy this small, young potato...You don't need to peel it or anything.

The best way is to wash them, maybe a little bit peel off with brush...
and than cook it for 10 minutes. After that drain the potato, salt it, sprinkle with olive oil and parsley ant put it in pan and in an oven.

After potato is baked, wrap it in aluminium foil and leave for 5 minutes.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Blue Bell ( or Bell Pepper stuffed with potato and blue cheese aka gorgonzola)

The way I making my lunch.
Enter the kitchen. Open the fridge. Looking. Deciding what will expire first. Than trying to thing of lunch that incorporate all that ingredients. Usually works very well :)

So I had potato, blue cheese, and peppers. Hmmm...Something (as usual) fast, simple, tasty and healthy.

You will need:
1 bell pepper
150 g potato
30 g blue cheese, aka gorgonzola
50 g onions
olive oil (optional)
fresh chives

What would you do first?

Cut the tops off of the pepper, remove seeds and membrane. Lightly precook pepper in boiling salted water.

Do the same with potato. peel it, cut it in cubes and precook it in water.
After cleaning the onion of the dry skin and the root and stem tips, cut the onion in half, top to bottom. Then slice the onion, flat side down, to make thin strips of onion. Make sure to separate the layers. Place onions on preheated non stick pan and add water. Reduce the heat to low-medium low.

When water is vaporized and onion is cooked, remove pan from heat.. Mix cooked potato in blender. Add salt, pepper and little milk. Mix. Than add onions and chopped blue cheese.

When peppers are precooked, stuff the them with the potato mixture and place in the casserole.

Bake until the peppers are very tender.