Art Cookies

No, they don't have a degree in art, but they are great for your art ambition or, for your kids, or for waking up your creative side.
Because dough for this cookies is great for modelling so you can form this cookies in any shape you want!
And yes, they are delicious too :)

Don't laugh at my art :D Owls, Brooms and Witch hat 

Or if you don't have time for art, you can simply shape it in form of balls

100 g margarine, softened
 100 g brown sugar 
 2 vanilla sugar 
1 egg
4 tablespoon powdered chocolate 

2 tablespoon cocoa 
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 tablespoons sour cream 
2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon rum 
300 g flour

Teddy bears

Mix softened margarine with sugar and vanilla, than add  egg and sour cream and whisk. Add flour, baking powder and knead the dough. Divide it in two parts. In one add chocolate cocoa, rum and cinnamon. Knead well.
Use your imagination. You can make balls for heads, eyes in different colour, arms, tail, broom...whatever you want. When you formed your cookies, carefully put it on baking sheet and put it in preheated oven.

 Black Cat

Bake it and leave it to cool down. Don't take them out too early, because they can crumble.

 Not so good Spider

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