Greek Potato

Very special. Full of flavor. silky crunchy texture. Try it, won't regret it :)

Potato, peeled and cut in squares
lemon juice
olive oil

In bakin tray put peeld and cut potato. Salt it. Add oregano, olive oil and lemon juice. Cover potato with water so that all potato is coverd. Put in an oven on 250 C. Bake for about 45 minutes, or when all water is evaporated and potato is browny.
Enjoy :)

Served it with cottage cheese and sour cream, sprinkled with  paprika.

4 komentari:

  1. I love Greek Potatoes....yummy!!! Kako si?

  2. Diana, dobro sam, zapravo, može lakše pitanje? :D

  3. Milane, je, jako je jednostavno..u biti moja baka uvijek prvo skuha do pola krumpir u vodi, a onda ga stavi na vruće ulje u pećnicu...ovo je lakši način, ono 2 u jedan :))



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