Raw pleasure

Easy, healthy, lucky.
I was feeling just like that. And they say you're what you're eating. So I thought it should be other way around, also :) So I made this dessert, all raw, and healthy, and yes it is an energy bomb, but it's healthy energy bomb, so try it =)

You will need only few ingredients, food processor and a little bit of time.

100 g pitted prunes
200 g dried figs
300 g almonds
50 g sesame seeds
50 g pitted dates
2 tbs of honey
1 tea spoon powdered cocoa
pinch of cinnamon

First, in one bowl soak prunes, figs and dates in rum and water. In the other bowl soak only almond  in water. After 15-20 minutes, drain all of them and place almonds (you can peel it, if you like) in food processor. Grind almonds into a coarse meal, but be careful not to grind them too long, or you'll end up with almond butter. Than add prunes, figs, dates, honey, cocoa, sesame seeds and cinnamon. Grind it again. Process until smooth. A ball should form. Take it out and make balls from a mixture. Place it on the plate and put it in refrigerator (optional).

Of course, you can make a mixture of whatever dried fruits and nuts you want. Or you can add vanilla instead of cinnamon, or you can fill the balls with dried cherries. You can also dip balls in chocolate or roll it in shredded coconut.

Be creative. Share your experience ;) 

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