Hungarian Cake

Still, we don't know who is She. That famous Hungarian woman who inspired this traditional, low budget, and unbelievably tasty cake. But who cares, as long we know the recipe. You wouldn't believe how little ingredients you need for this cake, and when you taste it, you will not believe how delicious this cake is.

600 g flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 eggs
200 g sugar
8 tablespoons sour cream
140 g margarine or butter

Pour flour mixed with baking powder on the table and chop with margarine. Add sugar, eggs, sour cream and knead the dough. Then divide the dough in 6 equal parts.  roll the dough into a rectangle that is the size of a baking pan ( 32x33 cm). Bake on the reverse side of the pan. 

Chocolate-rum cream:

2 L of milk

20 tablespoons flour

400 g sugar 
100 g dark chocolate 
100 g milk chocolate
3 tablespoons cocoa
3 tablespoons  of rum
1 vanilla sugar

For cream, you need two bowls. Place 1500 ml milk in saucepan over low heat and in the remaining 500 ml milk mix flour and sugar . When the milk starts to boil, add the mixture and stir well until it's cooked. Remove cream from heat and add chocolate, vanilla sugar and rum. 

baked layers

When the first layer of cake is baked, start making the cream. It is important that hot cream goes on hot layers, so that cake is moist and soft right away. So you put first layer, cream it, second layer - cream..and you repeat till the end. Last layer shouldn't be creamed, because on top we will put chocolate glaze.

Chocolate glaze:
150 g dark chocolate
100 g milk chocolate
1 tablespoon sugar
about 3-4 tablespoons milk (add more if you think that glaze is not smooth enough, just don't make it too liquid)

Melt it in saucepan and pour on top of the cake. Working quickly, use a knife or long spatula to smooth the glaze across the cake letting it fall over the sides. When the glazing is completed, let the cake cool on the counter or in the refrigerator until the glaze has solidified.

 Who can wait for chocolate glaze?

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  1. Wow! This looks lovely and delicious! Beautiful photos:)

  2. This is a must try - so interesting and different!

  3. I think it's a hungarian "zserbó".
    Emile Gerbeaud was a confectioner from Switzerland, who lived is hungary, and the name "Zserbó" made from his surname(Gerbeaud).

    Edke ( from hungary :) )

    1. I am afraid it is NOT a Zserbo cake ... because for the Zserbo filling you need grinded walnuts and apricot jam ..

    2. It does look delicious and no, it is not a Zserbo. It looks more like the "Hatlapos Sütemény" (Six Layer Slice).

    3. I agree. I watched my Mother make Hatlapos Sutemeny many times when I was growing up

  4. First, thank you all :)
    And no, it's not Zserbo. That's similar cake, but just visual similar. For (we call it Žarbo šnjite) you need yeast, and there is no cream, but between layers there is jam and walnuts. And you bake it all at once :)
    I think I would make this cake soon, so there will be recipe for this one, also :) ;)

  5. This cake looks so easy to make, I'm definitely gonna make it. Big THANKS for this recipe.

  6. yes, it so easy and cheap, and then again, so delicious! I just want to say, that originally first you've baked the layers, and than you've made the cream, and than you've put it together, and have waited for 24 hours so the cake is soft and moist. My mom used to put books on top of the cake, so it softness earlier. But mother and I have find a new way for making it a simplier and also faster, so we put hot cream on hot layer. and in originally recipe the cream is halved, you put only 1 liter of milk and so on..but we like it creamy, what can I say :)

  7. Hi,

    gorgeous cake!
    I will try it for sure.

    PLS confirm your baking pan size
    You wrote 130x125 cm this is 1.30 m x 1.25 m.
    13x12.5cm is too small. Thanks

  8. OMG, tnx :) I have meter that have on one side cm, and on the other inches, so I mixed it up :( :|
    so, now I think is good. Thank you again for comment :))
    and once again, I am VERY sorry.

  9. i have never seen or heard this cake before. but it looks and sounds so delicious!

  10. wow! that looks soo good!

  11. How long do you bake each layer?

  12. What a stunning cake! I love all the strata. :) Btw - we featured it on our homepage yesterday - I emailed you but it bounced back for some reason... Anyways, thanks for the delicious submission!

    xo Patty (Baking is Hot)

  13. When do you put in cocoa (making the cream)? Together with flour, 500ml of milk and sugar?

  14. First of all, I'm sorry for not answering right away, at this moment I'm moving to another city, so it is a little crazy here :)
    @ tryityoumightlikeit: you bake it for about 8-10 minutes. Until dough it's not soft any more, when it looks like "layer". of course, you can see for your self, we have had one "chocolate layer". I was washing the dishes, and forget about layer so it's little bit darker, but that's not problem :)

    @Pattycake: Thank you so much! I have no idea why mail didn't came to me, but I'm so happy that you like my cake :)

    @Liina: You put chocolate, cocoa and rum after you remove saucepan from heat. :)
    Sorry :)

  15. Wonderful cake! It must be really yummy. But it also reminds me of a sour cream cake. Do you think I could use sour cream with sugar and vanilla instead of chocolate for the filling? My grandma used to make this amazing sour cream cake, but now the recipe is lost, and I tried several times to recreate it and so far no success. Your recipe looks like it might just be it :-)

  16. Thank you! Maybe your cake is White pie, or Honey cake! They look very similar to Hungarian cake, except white cream! I can send you recipes!

  17. Help! Do I have to bake the 6 layers first and then do the cream? ... Or it is baked with the cream?

    1. Dear Yanima, first you bake all layers, than add cream...but for me it's better to cream layers while they are hot, straight from oven with hot cream. It is more complicated, and maybe you will need some help, BUT the cake made that way is soft after haf an hour (and even softer after one day :)), but if you first bake all layers and than put cream between that it's also good, but you will need wait at least day and half to have tender cake :)
      ps. little tip, if you put some weight on cake during the night, Of course, before you put chocolate glaze on top of the cake :)

    2. Yamin, I have been making this cake for years. My mom taught me!! It is perfect!
      Tenush, she did it exactly 100% correctly! You on the other hand did it your way but not at all helpful!!please keep doing your way and stop confusing others!!!!!!!!!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.



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