Fig jam

And then the fig has kept her secret long enough.
So it explodes, and you see through the fissure the scarlet.
And the fig is finished, the year is over.

Oh, Mister D.H. Lawrence, how you were wrong. The year is almost over, but the fig isn't finished. She's waiting in a jar. For you to spread it on a crepes or a bread.When you taste it you can feel Christmas, summer and autumn...all in one.
I live in Slavonia. Sometimes we have cold and snowy winters, so it's not good place for fig to grow. Nevertheless, few years ago we have planted a fig, and now the fig is grown and produce a great deal of fruit.
Enough for make this delicious jam. So here is the recipe:

You will need:

2 kg fresh figs
about 200 g of sugar (I don't like very sweet jam)  
1.5 lemons (just juice)
2 slug of rum 
2 teaspoon cinnamon    
jam express

Wash the figs, clean it, trim any hard stems from the fresh figs. If the variety has tougher outer skins, chop them finely. Mix them in blender food processor,or chop it with a knife. Place them into the saucepan over the low heat. Simmer the figs with sugar, lemon, rum and cinnamon for 10 minutes, than add the jam mix (read the instruction). Cook about 30 minutes, until jam is thick enough.
Bottle the jam into sterilized canning jelly jars and close with a lid. Screw it on tight and set aside in a draft-free area to cool.

The proper way to eat a fig, in society,
Is to split it in four, holding it by the stump,
And open it, so that it is a glittering, rosy, moist, honied, heavy-petalled four-petalled flower.

D.H. Lawrence

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  1. I love the idea of having a jar of fig jam on hand to get me through the winter. This sounds delicious.



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