Tomato - basil soup

For warm spring/summer days nothing as refreshing as a tomato soup. When it is hot, no one likes to stand by the stove a long time, so that's why I'm posting this quick recipe!

You only need:
about 400 g tomato juice
1 small onion
1 clove of garlic
salt / pepper
1 chopped carrot

pinch of sugar

if necessary: semolina

In a saucepan put the tomatoes, onion, and chopped carrots. Let it cook, when the soup thickens, add a little water. If it gets too thin - add a teaspoon of semolina. Towards the end remove vegetables, add salt/pepper/basil, sugar and dumplings.
To make dumplings in a little water add  flour and form
small beads with a spoon .
Boiled seasoned with sour cream.

I didn't have fresh basil, because my little veggie is still growin' :) 

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