Sabor cookies

Adopted from friend :)

Quick and crispy :)

You will need:
1 wafer ( app 28×37cm)
140 g sugar
4 egg yolks
140 g ground walnuts
140 g raisins
4 egg whites
15 grams of sugar

some ground walnuts for sprinkling

Like always, I made some twists and addition. i added chocolate and rum, so if you want to do my way, you will need
and powdered chocolate.

With hand mixer mix yolks and sugar until smooth. Add walnuts, powdered chocolate, raisins soaked in rum and spread cream on wafer. Put wafer into a pan and place it in preheated oven. BE CAREFUL, you need to bake it only for few minutes, about 10 or some..Check occasionally, you will see when it's baked :)
While first part of cookie is in oven, mix egg whites with sugar. When sugar is dissolved, and the first part of cookie baked, spread egg whites mixture on baked wafer, sprinkle with walnuts and place it in the oven. Before that, switch off the oven, so that egg whites are slowly baked while oven is cooling down. When the egg whites are crispy and yellowish, your cookie is finished.

Cut it in whatever form you want, and don't hesitate to make more than one wafer, because you can get easily addicted to this cookie :)

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